Maahi Toi aims to recognise and promote the intricate craft of artisans across the world. 

Our collection of costume jewellery is carefully handpicked and contemporary in style. Inspired by our rich culture and heritage, Maahi Toi pieces carry eleganceand a glimpse of traditional yet modern motifs and stones.

We believe that there is more to jewellery than meets the eye; it is the celebration of expression and exceptional craftsmanship that has been passed on from generation after generation. Each Maahi Toi piece tells a story about it’s heritage, the artisans who made it and the rich culture it represents.

By wearing Maahi Toi, you become a part of its journey and make it your own in aunique way.

Maahi Toi's Beginning


The COVID-19 pandemic and the ripple effect it created has been no stranger to the world. Everyone suffered in some way and some, more than the rest. This initiative began with the thought to support those small local artisans who have honed their craft over eons and now, were at risk of losing their art to the pandemic. Artisanal craft has been a legacy that spans across the confines of time and space and something we, as couple, always admired.

To give this art a platform, Maahi Toi was born!

Maahi Toi pieces are sourced from small cities and towns from various parts of the world and aims to preserve, promote, and share the talent of these artisans. Our journey began from our home-country, India. A country rich in heritage and tradition, where myths, legends and several aspects of culture are
woven into different forms of creativity. We hope to grow this every day and represent the myriad artisans across the world, showcasing their art and culture!

The Faces behind Maahi Toi

Dr. Vishakha Mahajan Agarwal

I grew up in Mumbai, India and after travelling to USA and UK for my higher education, I reached New Zealand for my PhD in Reproductive Biology and made it home. Apart from conducting research and devoting time to the betterment of women’s health issues, I am a regular girl who loves her coffee and playing dress-up. My passion for jewellery began as a little girl when I saw pieces of intricate work and craft being passed down from generations. Not only were these beautiful to look at but also held tremendous sentimental value – it wasn’t just jewellery, it was
an “emotion”.

Hari Agarwal

I grew up in Mumbai, India and went on to pursue Chemical Engineering in Illinois, USA. After which, I joined our family business of Metal Recycling to further expand my idea of sustainability and do my part for the environment through the re-use and recycling of metals. My
specialty is Brass and one major industry that we catered to was the costume jewellery sector. We source brass scrap from all over the world, melt it into semi-finished products which is then transformed into beautiful pieces of art!

Following my passion of metals and their
recycling, it helped me gain a lot of experience in gauging what goes into
creating the highest quality of jewellery and at the same time, doing it in a sustainable way.

I came to Auckland in 2018 for the first time to visit my beautiful partner, and I was in absolute awe of New Zealand, which we now call ‘home’.

Bringing Maahi Toi to life has been a project in the making that involves a conscious creation of a brand that exudes values we both believe in.

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